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Wave kills marco polo cruise ship passenger in channel

Water crashed through a window injuring several passengers.An 85 year old man and a woman in her 70s were airlifted off the ship but the man later died.

A number of polo ralph lauren online shop the 735 passengers on board suffered minor injuries, operator cruise maritime voyages(Cmv)Said.

The 22, 000 gross tonnage vessel had been on a 42 night voyage and ralph lauren us polo was heading back from the azores when the wave struck.

The company said: "Cmv regrets to advise that earlier today their cruise ship ms marco polo, en route to her home port of tilbury from the azores, was hit by a freak wave during adverse sea conditions in the south western approaches of the english channel.

"One elderly passenger has died and a further passenger has been airlifted for further shore side medical assistance.

"The vessel sailed from tilbury on january 5 and is carrying 735 mainly british passengers and 349 crew.

"Our thoughts are very much with these ralph lauren italia passengers and their families during this difficult time. "

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Why 'made in china' could eventually be good for consumers and bad for corporates seeking cheap labour from the argus For many consumers, the moniker made in china might have negative connotations.After all, what was wrong with made in england, eh?With production of everything shop louis vuitton uk from the traditional dr martens Boot to some of the m clothing range now being outsourced to the manufacturing superpower, people can be forgiven for going"Humph i want something made in my own country. " Personally speaking, i've banged on several times about"Seasonal plastic tat made in china"Within this blog.But that doesn't mean that being made in china is invariably bad. As readers of this blog will know, i've spent time in spain(I write regularly about spanish matters for an english magazine).Within spain, there's now a proliferation of what's known as tiendas De chino(Chinese shops).Some 5 6, 000 chinese ex pats run stores within malaga province alone. Although the local spanish storeowners may fear the cut price competition, shoppers tend to love the tiendas de chino, which are generally run by entrepreneurial and hard working proprietors:This Is why they've done so well.Imagine poundstretcher or poundland but with a much vaster, better and cheaper range of products including school materials, art supplies, electrical goods, gadgets, Home and garden wares, clothes, footwear, kids' toys and games, sewing and knitting supplies, pet supplies and just about everything else you can imagine, all at knock down prices. And, while maplin sells an iphone car and home charger kit for a hefty 20, the local tienda de chino has a muy similar one for 4.50 Euros.Sturdy ceramic frying pans sold in the uk for 25 cost louis vuitton uk shoes 9 Euros in the tienda de chino.Mobile phone screen protectors that cost stupid prices in the uk(10 for a sheet of sticky plastic you what? )Cost a euro or two from the horse's mouth. Really, customers can't grumble.Sometimes, the tiendas de chino sell jumpers featuring cashmere for 8 euros.Apparently, the flood of cheap cashmere from china into the us market has been Significant and it could happen in other countries too. For those who don't have a handy tienda de chino, ebay supplies goods made in china to world wide buyers but without the premium prices added cheap louis vuitton uk by third party merchants.Uk stores that charge inflated prices for products that were produced for a few cents in china and start going directly to the chinese merchantson ebay, it's possible to buy everything from chinese produced mobile phone chargers and batteries to binoculars, camera bodies and lenses all at good prices. Another symptom(Some would say advantage)Of uk companies outsourcing their production to china is the proliferation of copycat goods that are often identical to the originals, because they were Made louis vuitton online uk in the same factory and shipped out the back door. A search on ebay rapidly reveals copycat doctor marten boots which look as attractive as the original but with a much lower price.And this is only one of countless examples. Sarah nelson, a friend in kuala lumpur(Capital of malaysia, located geographically south of china), reports that it's possible to buy everything from fake Louis Vuitton bags to fake Sony TVs.She Says: "The fakes are sometimes identical, sometimes originals shipped out of the back door of the factory, and sometimes terrible. "I bought a mulberry purse on the market for 2, in the packaging, and it looked amazing.However, i didn't check it and when i got home, it was vinyl covered cardboard! "The general consensus is that, if it's made in china, there's a fake version.The factories either make extra copies or they make a cheaper equivalent. " She adds: "If you visit chinatown in kuala lumpur, there's every designer good you can imagine from chloe, louise vuitton, mulberry, gucci, to dm, nike, adidas, bags, sunglasses, shoes, purses, Wallets, clothes.It's endless. How good you are at haggling, a purse will cost between 2 8 and a bag 20 40. " So, while uk and international companies are enjoying cheap production costs by outsourcing to china, they're also leaving their product open to the creation of identical fakes and, perhaps,

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I'm just as pissed as you are

"Look, i am just as pissed as you are! "Munn bitched to us when we caught up with her at the unveiling of her new clothes eschewing peta poster for their"I'd rather go naked then wear fur"Campaign.

Hmm, wish you would have taken that argument to mr.Soderbergh, doll, we have to wonder exactly why steve was scared to have the dude's drop trou when michael kors australia outlet not only is the flick based on male strippers, but hollywood seems to have no problem when a woman strips down.

For the record, we're waiting for hear back from the motion picture association of america for an cheap mk bags official response on this full frontal gender discrepancy.

But even though munn can't give us a straight answer how she feels, girl didn't have any hesitation picking a different best dancer than the director:

"The best is definitely matt bomer.I can't tell you the worst,"Quipped olivia.

And since we also have a soft spot for those chiseled cheeks, we totally understand, but don't worry if bomer's not your michael kors outlet online sale fave, ms.Munn has love for the entire sexy cast and wants them all on the next peta poster:

"Let's get channing the guys from magic mike should do it. "

And what a par fait idea, liv we won't get the peek we michael kors australia watches deserve on the big screen, perhaps that's the next best thing?Bomer, mcconaughey, manganiello, tatum, and alex pettyfer all stripping down for a good cause?

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Unusual xmas gifts articles michael kors uk sale

Some people believe the very most ideal gifts to order regarding or perhaps on their own users.Thomas sabo gifts are michael kors cheap certainly not limited to just your partner, you might pick ideal gifts from your thomas sabo expensive jewelry appeal crew for up to all thomas sabo charm people, together with your friends as well as clo.Making enough stock for your busy christmas is time consuming and demanding.Having a greater selection of handmade earrings and handmade bracelets will also increase income as your kiosk will attract more folks with varied tastes.Handmade gifts are also offered by many handmade jewelry wholesalers as well to add.

Established by the reviews, the movie is the best feature about the hero2.Options of hd video resolutions increase the overall experience along with a sharper lens and excellent michael kors bags motion capture rate.Likewise, the image resolution solution allows the speciali.

Soon, the michael kors porcelain watch selection was launched and major stars from worldwide began recommending it and these watches became a true representation of the style and poise of a woman.This array is made with the finest ceramic product and the top q.With a little artistic thought, you'll prepare to shock your man with a genuinely unusual xmas present this holiday.Initially, we will certainly talk about the standard presents for your brother or boyfriend for x mas time.Guy usually prefer to look classy so a new sweatshirt from his favorite brand name of garments will really be a strike, as well as a most recent flick or computer game consoles that he enjoys are.It does not show up up until you're standing at the have a look at when it is merely tacked on to the investment rate.

The year 2012 assures to be an excellent year for michael kors factory outlet.You can locate his stores situated in the gardens shopping center in northern county, on worth opportunity in hand beach and in the boca community center mall in south county.Several of the pieces and add ons from his lines.But a person, who already suffers from low monthly income itself worried about the regular expenditures, would get more puzzles when the christmas expenses stand in front of the door.As the situation demands.Fortified wines however are a delicious treat throughout the year.

Many folks particularly in the uk normally see fortified wines as drinks restricted to the elderly and michael kors discount still have something of an traditional image to most of people.We think of your favourite old auntie having a glass of sweet sherry on xmas.

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What type of bread is used ralph lauren italia outlet for different types of sandwiches

When it's lunchtime, the sandwich is king.The lunch staple dates back to the 1700s, when the earl of sandwich, a notorious gambler, asked for meat placed between two slices of bread so he could eat and gamble concurrently.The craze caught on as other gamblers ordered the same, and a lunchbox addition was born.Although a traditional sandwich may seem a bit boring, changing ralph lauren uomo the types of bread and fillings can yield a different flavor and texture that allows the sandwich to be a versatile food.

White and whole wheat

ralph lauren big pony polo When you head to the grocery store, chances are that you make a beeline for the bakery.There, you'll find rows of bagged sandwich bread.White and whole wheat bread varieties have a mild flavor, which make them best for mild fillings such as meat, vegetables and various butters.Unfortunately, white bread has been stripped of the whole wheat nutrients, so when in doubt, reach for the whole wheat variety.Two slices of whole wheat bread offers 3.6 g protein and 1.9 g fiber as opposed to white bread, which has only 1.9 g of protein and 0.6 g of fiber.

Bagels and english muffins

Although sandwiches are often associated with lunchtime, breakfast can be an ideal time for a sandwich as well.Eating a breakfast sandwich made with lean meat and vegetables is a polo ralph lauren barberino fiber filled way to start the day and feel full until lunch.Bagels, which are circular and have a center hole, are notorious for being large, so check serving sizes before you eat one as a healthy breakfast.Or make a breakfast sandwich made with egg and lean meat with a whole wheat english muffin for a healthy alternative to fast food fare.

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Why crocodile farmers risk life and limb As demand for the skins surges, luxury goods companies are making acquisitions to secure a supply of the beasts, whose habits can make simply collecting their eggs a matter of life and death.Raising the reptiles from hatchling to arm candy without scratches from other crocs is another major challenge. "Louis vuitton, prada, gucci are trying to elevate the level of perceived exclusivity of their brands, and exotic skin products really help,"Says mario ortelli, an analyst at sanford c.Bernstein in london.After lvmh's purchase of a farm this year and kering's of a tannery,"I expect they will continue to make selective acquisitions. " Exotic animal skins make louis vuitton bags up almost 10 per cent of the total revenue from handbag sales for luxury brands, at least double their share a few years ago, ortelli estimates. The incentive for luxury goods companies, many of which are wrestling with sluggish demand for their most widely available goods, is clear:Crocodile handbags can sell for 30 times more than their bovine counterparts. While salt water porosus crocodiles found in australia are the trickiest with enough skin produced for about louis vuitton uk online shop 25, 000 bags a year no crocodile is easy or cheap to raise, and it takes years to breed them. "If i'd known how hard this business was before i'd got into it, i may not be here today,"Says stefan van as, a former investment banker and owner of south africa's le croc crocodile breeding farm and tannery, which sends about 5, 000 nile crocodile skins to europe each year. While cows can ruminate for hours on their own in a meadow, from the moment an 80 gram african nile crocodile hatchling snaps its way out of the egg, van as has to provide a calm environment. The pens are cleaned daily and the animals require a strict feeding routine.Only the same few handlers are allowed to approach them.They dine mostly on chicken and selected oils to improve their skin.That all promotes growth, reduces stress and helps keep the crocs' mighty jaws off each other. "The bottom line is that one cannot expect to harvest a first grade skin from an animal that has been abused,"Says van as. Making life easier for the crocodiles also helps their handlers.While the nile crocodile isn't as large, territorial or aggressive as the porosus, it's hardly friendly. They grow to about 5 metres in length and weigh up to 700 kilograms.And they will eat almost any prey that ends up in the water.One of van as's farmer colleagues was killed by a crocodile after falling in the water. Keeping the animals happy and yourself alive isn't enough to sell to the biggest luxury companies.The likes of kering and lvmh use only the top 10 per cent of crocodile skins. "These are prehistoric louis vuitton bags for sale in uk animals that rely on instinct to protect themselves,"Says loic bellet, marketing executive of via la moda, which makes crocodile handbags in johannesburg. "Obtaining a perfect skin is not easy. " To keep the belly in good condition, the slaughter, skinning and parts of the tanning process at le croc are done by hand.For slaughter, the animals are checked and stunned twice before being killed by a cut at the nape of the neck and a pithing of the brain.The skins le croc supplies to customers are then tanned or dyed on site. While van as stuns his crocs twice, some farmers are less careful, says ben williamson, a spokesman for people for the ethical treatment of animals, in an email.This"Often results in the crocodile enduring multiple blows, leading to a slow and painful death. " To help avoid abuse of crocodiles and protect them in their natural habitat, each crocodile skin needs a certificate proving it is not in violation of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. "It's complicated to buy exotic skins,"Says jean cassegrain, chief executive officer louis vuitton outlet sale of luxury house longchamp. "The supply is very limited. " To be sure of it, lvmh in february purchased an australian crocodile farm for a$2.6 million($2.5 million)While kering bought tannery france croco a month later.Kering declined to comment beyond the statement announcing that acquisition. In the end, it's worth it to such companies and hermes international, where the waiting list for its famous birkin bags can be years long.An average handbag can be crafted from as few as two skins, for which van as gets up to $600 each.For those who can't wait to buy a new one, the bags are available used on ebay for $39, 000 to $150, 000. "There are women who don't care about money that love the beautiful things,"Says gianluca brozzetti, ceo of fashion house cavalli. "Demand for crocodile and alligator is large because i think it is one of the trends that never ends.It is a classic. "

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It's cheap michael kors bags australia fashion http://www.teambs.com.au/ week

Under the tents at bryant park last night, narciso rodriguez pleased the assembled crowd of celebrities and fashion insiders with his typically minimalist evening gowns and day dresses.A major name in industry after designing a wedding dress for carolyn bessette kennedy in 1996, rodriguez gained a higher profile after designing the dress michelle obama wore on election night.But the designer financial plight underscores how many designers are struggling to balance the realities of the economic climate with their creative impulses.Rodriguez is making more dresses that sell for less than $1, 000, below his more typical price tags of $1, 800.He has also signed a deal with ebay, known for bargains not luxury, to create a michael kors bag sale australia line that will be sold exclusively through the online marketplace.The line will sell for less than $350. "Every mk outlet d level celebrity who thought they could make a quick buck by designing a handbag or whatever is going to disappear,"Vogue editor in chief anna wintour tells the journal. "And i think that a good thing. "

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Jennifer lopez shows off her toned legs in a hot pink skin tight dress with a very daring thigh michael kors outlet sale high split

At 42 years old, she still possesses a figure which would be the envy of many women half her age.

And jennifer lopez ensured she showed it off to the maximum yesterday as she stepped out in a figure hugging pink dress before appearing on last night's american idol.

However it did not seem she michael kors outlet bags was entirely comfortable in the outfit, as she briefly stopped to adjust the dress while strolling along with an assistant.

An arresting sight:Inspector clouseau michael kors cheap would surely want to investigate this particular pink prancer more closely

Last night's edition of the ratings winning show was as exciting as michael kors bags ever.

Wannabe erika van pelt got the chop on the show, which also featured a guest appearance from tyler's band buddy joe perry.

Erika's elimination came despite her chopping her hair short and dyed it black in a striking transformation on the advice of fashion favourite tommy hilfiger.

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What are the ralph lauren donne discoveries of mesopotamia

ralph lauren outlet online Browse articles videos by categoryfood drinkhobbies, games toysthe sumerians were the first to develop a mathematics system that was based on the number 60, which is what people today use to divide hours into minutes and minutes into seconds.The first writing form, cuneiforms, was developed in this area.Cuneiforms are a system using pictographs.The writing was done using a blunt reed or stylus to draw or write on clay tablets.The cuneiform system had 144 characters and was time consuming to use for writing.A system was developed in which each of the symbols were written on a tablet laid out like a chart.This chart can be used today to help interpret what each of the symbols stood for.It differed in the game known today.The number of squares and the playing pieces were different than the modern version, and it is not clear what the exact polo ralph lauren outlet online italia rules were for this game.Other board games were created.The boards were usually made of clay or stone with a variety of playing pieces and dice.One game board had 20 squares.The players would roll dice then race their pieces around the board.Some of the boards had been made out of stone so it is believed that this game was not played only by the rich.Another board had holes in it like cribbage boards today.How this board was used is not clear.Some of the sports that were depicted on pottery were boxing and wrestling.There was also a form of polo in which men would play ralph lauren big pony polo while sitting on other men's shoulders.

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Why go to paris france Why visit parisforget the eiffel tower, forget the champs elysees, forget the louvre, forget the moulin rouge, forget the cathedral of notre dame or the hunchback for that matter, and forget disney land paris. As a tourist destination paris has it all history, arts and culture, luxurious hotels, a great night life and there are even lots of places where children can have the time of their lives too. But do you really want to be bored out of your skull, going around all of these famous landmarks and tourist hotspots?A vacation is supposed to be fun. Leave all of that for the man in your life let him pretend that everything about the place is romantic as he tries to sweet talk you into bed, with french champagne, as you look out of your hotel room window watching the paris nightlife(Passez moi un seau malade)Or if you prefer in english, pass me a sick bucket. Yes paris is a romantic city for young couples and yes the history arts and culture are fantastic if you are in to that kind of thing, if not you could be in for the most boring vacation in history. The best reason to visit paris is not to see the sights, or to take a romantic walk by the seine or even to drink a coffee at a sidewalk caf.The best reason to visit paris is for the shopping. Shopping in parisshopping in paris Paris is the home of fashion haute couture, paris is the home of perfumes and skin products, paris is the home of fine jewellery and precision made watches, and paris patisseries have the best chocolate and cream cakes in the world. As you shop you will pass all of the famous tourist destinations, so you can still take your pictures and pretend to your friends when you get back home that you did all of the things that tourists are supposed to do in paris. Paris is paradise on earth for shoppers, chanel, cartier, faberge, gaultier, lancome, lecroix, dior, louis vuitton, paco rabanne, pierre cardin yves saint laurent and of course italian stores versace and armani. Most of the big name stores can be found or rue du faubourg saint honor, both near champs elyses avenue. The saint germain des prs district on the left bank has many fashionable clothing stores. All the world greatest jewelers are in streets around rue de svres, which is also host to the world famous, le bon march louis vuitton bags for sale in uk department store. You can also find lots of affordable fashionable clothes from famous brands at boulevard haussman department stores. After a day of shopping in paris, there will be no thoughts of romance, all you will be ready for is that comfortable bed in your 5 star hotel and a good nights sleep, to get you ready for day 2 of your paris shopping vacation. World war ii in paris(France):Who actually lived there at the time? Your romantic holiday in paris:Real and movie romance Videoparis, france:Video louis vuitton uk sale and geography quiz Visit paris without leaving the united states Follow(2)Comments 3 commentsgo to last comment Abhinaya louis vuitton sale 6 years ago Chabrenas 6 years buy louis vuitton online uk ago from middle of france I worked there for nearly 4 years.One of the greatest things about it is the metro system.With a carte orange season ticket, you can use it for hopping from one spott another, and even hide in there when it rains.Some stations are worth a visit in their own right louvre, chatelet les halles, for a start.Paris metros often have superb music from buskers ranging from academy students practising classical violin to colombian pan pipe bands selling their cds.

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Is this michael kors gansevoort a picture of tim tebow and his girlfriend

Sign in with facebooksign in with googlesign michael kors outlet australia in faq

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To the untrained eye, michael kors continental purses the picture below looks like an ordinary shot of tim tebow in a crowd of people.

To the romantic watchdogs at tmz, it's a shot of young love defined.

Tmz reports michael kors bags outlet australia the new york jets backup is pictured with his new girlfriend, actress camilla belle. (She's standing to his right. )

Tim and camilla belle showed up at latitude 30 in jacksonville, florida tuesday night, where they bowled and partied.[.] People who were at Latitude 30 last night tell us.Tim and camilla were overly affectionate throughout the evening, holding hands and touching.They were holding hands and touching?Amazing, but not as amazing as if tebow and belle had been holding hands and not touching.That's miracle territory.

Is this tim tebow girlfriend(To his immediate right)?Tmz says yes. (Photo:Tmz)

You may remember belle from such films as the chumscrubber, the ballad of jack and rose and from prada to nada.If not, perhaps she's familiar because of her relationship with another chaste celebrity, joe jonas?

Yeah, we hadn't heard of her either.Her imdb bio page said she was named one of people's most beautiful people in 2011(It's true! )And is known for her trademark"Dark, defined eyebrows. "

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Jersey shore premium outlets

Jersey shore premium outlets has sales events scheduled throughout the year.Center events include periodic vip shopper club excusive sales and special sale weekends during key holidays.Shoppers can expect to find deep discounts during the memorial day weekend cheap michael kors handbags uk sale, july 4th summer sale, back to school the first week in august, labor day weekend sale, columbus day sale and veterans day sales.

One of most popular sale events at the outlet center is the after thanksgiving weekend sale featuring midnight madness.To help plan the best time to bargain shop, visit the outlet's shopping hours webpage which includes the special promotional dates michael kors outlet online and extended hours.

You can also browse the individual outlet stores' current coupons, promotions and sales by visiting the jersey shore premium outlets sales and events page.This is a great way to find the deals going on in the stores so you know which stores to visit first.

Get jersey shore premium outlets coupons and exclusive discounts by joining the vip shopper club.It is open to all shoppers regardless of how often you shop or how michael kors sale store much you spend.First time visitors and travelers along with frequent shoppers can sign up and take advantage of the extra savings.

Registration is easy and free.Vip members are allowed access to a special coupons page based on which"Favorite locations"Are selected during registration.It is not unusual to find several michael kors cheap 20 percent off store coupons to use while shopping.To sign up visit the vip webpage.

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What will happen ralph lauren outlet italia if you ignore fashion polo ralph lauren italia

Is it bad to ignore my friends i have this group of friends and i polo ralph lauren italia outlet am exhausted when i with them.I am not happy withfashion show i have 2 related questions.Ok i found a fashion show i could go to to go see.But the problemwhat happens when there are two seperate cases in two different counties?Hi, i served my ex the papers before he served me.So, which one overrides which?And mya fashion survey what do you look out for when you pick up a fashion magazine.The worst i can think of is a scenario like this:You go to a company to apply for a job.The people there dress casual, with polo t shirts, jeans and sneakers, but when ralph lauren uomo giacche you in for your interview, you have a power suit from the 80s(With padded shoulders, the works).This immediately gives the first impression that you will not fit with the company culture, and can affect your efforts aloton another note, if you go against the rules of fashion, you may end up signalling the coming of another fashion!

Looking for some fashion related websitesi am looking for some fashion related websites.Also looking for a fashion industry standard contract between the agent and the fashion design/client.

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Why apple doesn't care about louis vuitton bags uk outlet its competition The world divides into people who think of apple(Aapl)As a company, and people who think of apple as a brand.The former group includes all stock analysts, of course, but it also includes most technology journalists.The latter group is, well, most of the people who buy apple products. The difference between the two can be seen quite clearly this morning, in reactions to the launch of the ipad mini. The nyt coverage, from brian chen, takes a similar tack, under the headline facing competition, introduces a smaller ipad with all the action in the tablet market lately, smaller models have become impossible to ignore.Google, apple fiercest competitor, recently released its 7 inch nexus 7 tablet for $200.Amazon recently introduced seven new kindles, including a 7 inch tablet for $160 and an 8.9 inch tablet for $300.Barnes noble nook tablet, which starts at $200, has also sold well.Combined, the three companies have sold about 15 million of these smaller, cheaper tablets. But if you look at what actual consumers are asking, it turns out that only an ultra geeky minority is out there weighing up the relative merits of the ipad mini and the galaxy note.Note nick bilton, today: Now that the apple ipad mini is here, i fielding one particular question from friends, family and readers:Which model should i buy? The point here is that apple has already done the work of persuading people to buy the ipad mini it done it through many years of creating products louis vuitton online shop sale which are a pleasure to use. Which is why the bellyaching about the ipad mini pricing is very weird to me.Apple job, when it developed this device, was not to create something to compete with the nook hd+.Rather, it was to build cheap louis vuitton bags something which fit easily into the existing lineup, right between the ipod touch and the ipad, and which would delight its customers as much as those two products do.The ipod touch starts at $300;The ipad starts at $400.And the ipad mini, at $330, is right in between, where it belongs. Apple, famously, has the same pricing philosophy as louis vuitton:It sells premium products at premium prices, and it never discounts.That philosophy has made it an aspirational brand worldwide:You don see vendors in china selling fake google nexus 7s.Sometimes, as with the iphone and ipad, the world beats a path to the company door in any case.Other times, as in the case of wireless routers or external displays, apple products are so much more expensive than the competition that only the rich apple faithful tend to buy them.But that uncompromising devotion to the fundamental philosophy is what has made apple such a powerful global brand. The result is that most of the millions of people who buy an ipad mini will never seriously consider any of the alternatives.They know what works for them, and they trust apple to deliver.That the power of the apple brand.Amazon(Amzn)Also has that power as a retailer, just not, yet, as a hardware manufacturer. MostAmazoncustomers don bother checking prices elsewhere any more:They happily locked themselves in to the relationship. There are three questions, then, louis vuitton buy online which real people will ask about the ipad mini.Do i want it, can i afford it, and which model should i get.The answers to those questions will determine how many ipad minis apple manages to sell.But the question which most of the press concentrates on how does the ipad mini compare to its non apple competitors is one which gets asked much less often than the apple as company people tend to think.

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Van heusen corporation to acquire arrow michael kors handbags sale australia brand from cluett american

michael kors australia store New york phIllIps Van heusen corporatIon(Nyse:PVh)Announced today that It has entered Into a defInItIVe agreement to acquIre the arrow brand worldwIde and the related lIcensIng busIness from cluett amerIcan group for approxImately $70 mIllIon.The transactIon Is subject to customary condItIons and goVernmental approVals, and Is expected to close by year end.PVh currently operates the men's Arrow dress shIrt and sportswear busInesses In the UnIted States under a long term lIcensIng agreement wIth the Cluett AmerIcan Group and sublIcenses the boy's busInesses. Subsequent to sIgnIng the lIcensIng agreement In July 2000, these busInesses haVe grown to approxImately $160 $170 mIllIon In annual sales Volume forPVh.Bruce j.Klatsky, chaIrman and chIef executIVe offIcer of phIllIps Van heusen corporatIon stated,"The performance of the arrow busIness has exceeded our expectatIons.By brIngIng control of the global arrow brand under our management, we haVe the abIlIty to sIgnIfIcantly InVest In marketIng and adVertIsIng the brand.And sImIlarly see growth opportunIty In InternatIonal markets. "Mr.Klatsky concluded that,"In addItIon to gaInIng control to the arrow brand, we expect thIs transactIon wIll be accretIVe to our earnIngs In 2005. "PhIllIps Van heusen corporatIon Is one of the world's largest apparel companIes.It owns and markets the calVin kleIn brand worldwIde.Bass co., and Its lIcensed brands Geoffrey Beene, Arrow, Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole ReactIon, BCBG Max AzrIa, BCBG AttItude, MICHAEL MIchael Kors, Sean Jean and, begInnIng later thIs year, Chaps.Safe harbor statement under the prIVate securItIes lItIgatIon reform act of 1995:Forward lookIng statements In thIs press release, IncludIng, wIthout lImItatIon, statements relatIng to the company's future reVenues and earnIngs, plans, strategIes, objectIVes, expectatIons and IntentIons, are made pursuant to the safe harbor proVisIons of the prIVate securItIes lItIgatIon reform act of 1995.InVestors are cautIoned that such forward lookIng statements are Inherently subject to rIsks and uncertaIntIes, many of whIch michael kors outlet australia online cannot be predIcted wIth accuracy, and some of whIch mIght not be antIcIpated, IncludIng, wIthout lImItatIon, the followIng: (I)The company's plans, strategies, objectIVes, expectations and intentions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the company; (Ii)The leVels of sales of the company's apparel and related products, both to its wholesale customers and in its retail stores, and the leVels of sales of the company's licensees at wholesale and retail, and the extent of discounts and promotional pricing in which the company and its licensees are required to engage, all of which can be affected by weather conditions, changes in the economy, fuel prices, reductions in traVel, fashion trends and other factors; (Iii)The company's plans and results of operations will be affected by the company's ability to manage its growth and inVentory, including the company's ability to realize reVenue growth from deVeloping and growing calVin klein; (IV)The company's operations and results could be affected by quota restrictions(Which, among other things, could limit the company's ability to produce products in cost effectiVe countries that haVe the labor and technical expertise needed), the aVailability and cost of raw materials(Particularly petroleum based synthetic fabrics, which are currently in high demand), the Company's ability to adjust timely to changes in trade regulations and the migration and deVelopment of manufacturers(Which can affect where the company's products can best be produced), and ciVil conflict, war or terrorist acts, the threat of any of the foregoing or political and labor instability in the United States or any of the countries where the Company's products are or are planned to be produced; (V)Disease epidemics and health related concerns, which could result in closed factories, reduced workforces, scarcity of raw materials and scrutiny or embargoing of goods produced in infected areas; (Vi)Acquisitions and issues arising with acquisitions and proposed transactions, including without limitation, the ability to integrate an acquired entity into the company with no substantial adverse affect on the acquired entity's or the company's existing operations, employee relationships, vendor relationships, customer relationships or financial performance; (Vii)The failure of the company's licensees to market successfully licensed products or to preserve the value of the company's brands, or their misuse of the company's brands and(Viii)Other risks and uncertainties indicated from time to time in the company's michael kors outlet bags australia filings with the securities and exchange commission.The company does not undertake any obligation to update publicly any forward looking statement, including, without limitation, any estimate regarding revenues or earnings, whether as a result of the receipt of new information, future events or otherwise.

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